Craft Fence

Craft Box

Craft Gazebo

Craft House

Craft Pool

Craft Elements


Smart Form

Construction 3D printer Surfer from Concreteflow company, designed for printing with concrete
3d construction printer extruder

Construction 3D printer Surfer

$70 000
License $2600 /year

The ConcreteFlow company offers to purchase the technology of production of concrete wall panels for the construction of fences, outbuildings, summer houses, gazebos, outdoor showers and toilets.

3d construction printer cutter
ConcreteFlow cutter machine

Automated Cutting Machine Cutter

$40 000

An additional machine that automates the process of cutting Craft products. The use of the Cutter guarantees perfect geometry of the products and reduces costs.

Craft Fence Scheme Chain
Craft Fence Scheme Wave


Exclusive right to sell Craft Products. ConcreteFlow wall panels are protected by international patents. By purchasing a license, you get the right to implement our designs.

Technology. A detailed description of the technology for the production of wall panels, a large database, control programs, technology for preparing concrete, reinforcement.

Surfer. Construction 3D printer with print field sizes from 8000 x 18000 mm. The most productive printer in the world.

Marketing support. Advertising content is provided.

The educational center. Personnel training takes place in a working production environment. Transfer of experience in the installation of our products on the construction site.

The rapid growth of the concrete 3D printing market. Additive manufacturing is the future of production.

Lack of competition in the early stages. ConcreteFlow printers solve a problem that has no alternative.

Technical support. Throughout the business lifecycle.

Our concrete

C 16/20 Class
2270kg/m3 Density
F150-200 Frost resistance
W6 Watertightness
3% Water absorption
construction 3D printer prints fences
Craft Fence printed in concrete, yellow-black color
Craft Fence Printed Concrete Wave, White
Craft Fence Printed Concrete Wave, gray-white
Crafted Concrete 3D Printed Gazebo